Hi, my name is Todd Watts and Thank You for stopping by my site! Below is the Who, What, When, Where, and Why about me and my blog. If you like to learn more, please connect with me through my instant chat box I'm always open for a interesting question or discussion.

My Background

Who Am I?

I'm a WordPress Web developer and a Freelance Internet marketer. Yes, I'm one of those extroverted, creative, nerdy people you either love chatting it up with or dread every second. All joking aside, I'm not everyone's cup a tea.

Todd Watts
Picture of me.

What Is My Blog About?

Great question! But I'm sure it won't be a shocker, my Blog will be discussing topics revolving around WordPress website development, Internet Marketing, and my digital life. 

Web Development and Internet Marketing
Web Development and Internet Marketing

When Did I Start In Digital Marketing?

Well, I started offering my professional Internet Marketing services in 2010 but started learning in 2003 building static HTML websites, and I've been in love with this industry ever since!

Where Do I Live?

I live in beautiful West Palm Beach Florida. I enjoy the perfection of weather year round here In South Florida, minus the occassional hurricane 🙂

west palm beach florida
West Palm Beach Florida

Why Did I Start This Blog?

Well, another good question! The main reason, to be honest, I was bored and I wanted a site I could just let my creative juices flow. I love love love sharing my crazy ideas, and talking about Internet marketing topics. I told you I was weird!


Let's Connect

Even more important than anything else to me is connecting with people interested in the same things I am. Thank you to the moon and back for stopping by, please please please click the links below to connect with me on following social networks. I would love to hear your crazy ideas, projects you might be working on, and hearing your feedback on my posts!