Amazon Advertising Campaign Strategy: The High-Low

Now for all you Amazon Entrepreneurs out there that are hitting a brick wall with your clicks, conversions, and most importantly sales on Amazon. The following Amazon Advertising campaign strategy named the High-Low is something you need to check out and try. Below I've outlined the steps of this method, but I've also provided excellent video that covers and summarizes the technique if you prefer that format.

An Amazon Advertising Campaign Strategy That Works!

What's the High-Low Amazon Advertising campaign strategy? Well, this term (high-low) is also new to me, but fundamentally it's a market research method of using Amazon pay per click advertising to help identify highest and most expensive keywords to the lowest. Allowing you to fully examine the full bid, keyword, and competition range in whatever niche of product you're selling on Amazon. The method uses a funnel down keyword collection and analyzation combination. Pretty standard keyword research, but I like the simplicity of this method. In addition to that, it falls in line with my methodology of using PPC advertising data for organic content development and optimization.

How It Works?

With the high-low method, it's centered around intelligence gatherings such as keywords, bid ranges, and click-through rates.

Below outlines each step.

Amazon Automatic Campaigns

The high-low as it sounds starts with high bids with an automatic Amazon campaign for a short duration such one day with a small budget let's say $10-20. Followed by a few more days let's say six more days with a lower bid range of with a daily budget of 5 dollars. After two days you'll be able to access the search term report to analyze the keywords that are more expensive and ones your competitors are bidding on. Then after a week, you'll see all the mid-range to lower-priced keywords, as well some of the actual search terms buyers are using to find your type of products. Now once you have all the keywords and have identified the keywords with higher CTR and impressions, you can now import them into a keyword research tool to look for areas of opportunity.

Keyword Tools Needed

Below I've listed a few I've used personally have used in the past.

  1. Merchant Words
  2. Scientific Seller
  3. Keyword Dominator
  4. Ama Suite 5
  5. Keyword
  6. Google Adword Keyword Planner

The Strategy

The Amazon Advertising campaign strategy, the high-low, is not just optimizing, targeting and bidding on the right keywords, but a focus on using the data itself. From optimizing your product listing on Amazon to strategizing if you're products conversion rate and profit margins are worth the ad spend.

Manual Campaign

The next set or tier in the High-low strategy is taking the data you gather in the Amazon automatic campaign and analyze the keywords. Next, you will run the keywords through one of the keyword tools above. This process will help you identify other related keywords and long-tail keyword opportunities. Then you will take all the keywords collected and run two different section in your manual campaign.

  • Broad Match Keywords
  • Phrase Match Keywords

and you could even do a third category, Exact Match.

*For an optimal manual validation campaign, only focus on the root keywords from your automatic campaign that were higher than 1000 impressions or had a 5% or higher CTR. Run this manual validation campaign for with a 20-30 dollar budget for a day or even 2. This campaign should provide you with enough market and keyword research for phase three.

Phase 3 Manual Campaign

Now, this last campaign will be your starter campaign for your product. At this point after analyzing the manual validation campaign, you should have collected enough data and know what to target. It is important to note the data collected in the two previous campaign you should be using that data research to improve your product listing titles and descriptions (on-page optimization). The whole idea behind this funnel ad strategy (Amazon Advertising campaign strategy) is to improve both your ad conversion results and organic standing on Amazon's A9 search engine.


Hope you found this summarized post about this Amazon advertising campaign strategy helpful and if anything maybe reworked your thinking about PPC advertising on Amazon.

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