Crafting Blog Titles More Tempting than a Cinnabon!

Sultry, spicy, and yes, a little Evel Knievel doesn't hurt with crafting your blog titles for your content. Let's be honest; if you can sell them on at least clicking over to see what the hell is going on your blog, you've already failed. So today, let me explain the apparent madness and strategy.

Attention: Ok, for the people that like watching video content vs.reading, I found an excellent video summarizing clickbait blog titles from Neil Patel. I love his video content he distributes, so no need for me to duplicate.

A Tale Of Attention Grabbing Blog Titles Or Fake News?

If the 2016-2017 presidential race didn't teach a few things about blog titles on social media or better know as #FakeNews, I don't know what will. You know those hyped up and exaggerated blog titles that either, juiced you up or pissed you off enough to click. That's right, a blog title that sinks it's teeth into you just enough to peak your curiosity. Yep, that's the art we are going to be discussing today, and how you can make it work for you!

Blog Titles: The Overall Lesson

So here's the lesson, blog titles matter! They matter because you want people will read your subject matter, like how I did that. And it's true. On top of your titles need to be on point with what your subject is about, it also needs to reach out and touch someone as well. They need to motivate, inspire or intrigue. But let me give you just one word of warning, make sure you can back up the title, just a little. Don't go all Cupcakes and Doritos with your blog title, then serve up Slimfast bars. What I'm saying is, create the value you promised in your blog title. Nobody like broken promises! Research Before Crafting Your Attention Grabbing Blog Titles If you're are wanting to compete with some of the well-known blogs in your niche or industry, research, research, and research! Did I say research? But it's a fact. Most blogs never do near enough research on the words they should use in blog titles and heading tags.

Why is this research important?

Because on top of it being the number one On-page SEO factor (i.e. SEO Marketing), the words in your heading sum up what your article is discussing. Yes, clues for your readers and the search engines. And let's be honest most people are only going to find your content either on social media or via a search engine. So this why your blog titles are a game changer in how much traffic your posts will attract.

So How Should I Research Before Crafting My Blog's Post Titles?

Well, I always suggest using keyword tools when crafting a blog post, and especially the titles. The keywords, you know the familiar words people use to find the subject you're talking about, they need to be in your heading titles. Below I have put together a list of keyword tools I use. Some are free, and some have paid versions.

Keyword Tools To Check Out

  1. – I love's pro version. They offer a wealth of keyword and keyword phrase (long-tailed keywords) on a variety of search engines, media, and sales platforms. They do offer a free version, but the paid version is worth its weight in gold for blogger and affiliate marketers alike.
  2. Keyword Tool Dominator – I also like the Keyword Tool Dominator as well, definitely a tie with I love the research suites they have to offer. If you're selling anything online, I highly suggest this keyword research tool.
  3. Now if you're on budget and blogging for a hobby, just sign up with Google's AdWords Keyword Planner. I've used it for years before all these other research tools were available. And the best part it's free to use.

Blog Title Structure, Tools, and Tips

Ok, just like in Neil Patel's video. Here are few of those blog title tips and resources. Blog Title Length – Yes, the length of your title is critical. I find 7-10 words to be adequate. Just keep in mind, more is less and less is more when it comes to a well-crafted post title. Use A Blog Title Generators or template – If you're not feeling creative, there a couple of sources you can use to help you craft a sizzling blog title for your next post.

  1. Portent – Blog Title Generator
  2. Copy Blogger Headline Formula – Templates For Blog Titles

Know Your Readers – Of course, this may take a little time, but after blogging awhile you will see what subjects and “keywords” are drawing more traffic.


To wrap of this post on crafting eye-catching blog titles, let me end with this, be honest. Yes, you can be creative, honest, and on point with how you advertise your posts, all at the same time. My main idea behind this post was to a give you the courage to be more punchy or edgy with your blog post titles. But to do it with calculated research.And of course, backing up with excellent content as well! So if you're producing killer content, don't hold back with your titles and sell your post!

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