Blogging Is The Best SEO Service You Can Hire

Now, I know when you think of SEO services, it isn’t blogging. But it should be! So today I’m going to write about why you should hire a blogger or professional copywriter full-time and leave all of your other thoughts about SEO services on the sidelines.

Blogging SEO

Blogging What You Need To Know, Oh Yea And SEO

Having worked with a lot small and medium-sized businesses for years now, I understand business owners don’t have the time write about their business. I get it. But what I don't get is this. If you don't have time to write, hire someone. Truthfully, if you're not a writer and don't want to be one, don't do it! I've always wanted to be a mixed martial arts fighter, but I'm going to jump into the ring and get my ass kicked either. I get that too. One of the best secrets in SEO is hiding in plain sight, and it's called blogging.

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Blogging: The SEO Service That Always Gets The Back Burner

For every business, I get introduced to for SEO, I always see one thing in common, an empty blog. Yep, that's right. I'll spend an hour speaking with a business owner that rattles off all the SEO services he or she has paid for in the past, then I stare at their empty blog on their company website and shake my head. 

Admitting The Truth About SEO​​​

SEO is a dirty business. Yes, I said it, it very deceptive. Now I will have to admit there are a lot of great Internet Marketing companies, but somehow so many businesses I've met have been sold on poor advice. The funny part is, everybody knows what fuels the Internet, but yet, these so-called SEO and Internet Marketing agencies fail to sell what will ultimately help their clients, information! Yes, information, blogging, creating content?? Crazy right! Trying to set the record straight here. If you didn't hire any other SEO services and only hired an excellent blogger or copywriter, you would be better off.

I wanted to do a video, didn't have the time. But l liked this video I found on Youtube done by Amy Schmittauer. 

Is Bad Content Worse Than No Content? See The Pattern?

Ok, I know I'm going to have to reverse engineer some business owners brains on SEO, but has to be done. Bad content and no content is equal in the eyes of SEO. Yes, equal. Some would say bad content is worse than no content, but I kindly disagree. Bad writing and content can be adjusted or fixed.

No content is still no content. Again, this is why you need professional copywriting and blogging services is to get your information out on the Internet! Every week, month, and year. 

So if you wanted to know, No Content is the worst for SEO. 

The Only Way To Rank Up Is Getting Your Information Out

Blogging is the only activity that will get your company information ranking on Google and out to the community at large. I say Google a lot of the time, but what I mean is every search engine . Yes, every search engine will help you, if you support yourself and churn out high-quality content regularly. Not any ole writing or content, but let me repeat, high-quality content. This one thing alone will boost your brand image and drive targeted traffic to your website. So now you know. It's not a secret anymore! I've hammered on this dead carcass enough.

Now on to where, how, and under what terms to hire to a blogger. 

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Where Can I Find A Good Blogger To Hire?

Well, a lot of businesses automatically hit the Internet and go straight to places like Fiverr or Upwork. Sure, maybe you'll get lucky and find a semi-decent writer there for $5, but I highly doubt it. Now, let's be honest and let me ask you this question.What kind of quality do you think five dollars will bring? 

Let's be honest!

That's what I thought. See, I'm mind reading now… lol.

My best and only suggestion would be, hire a local copywriter or Internet marketing specialist.

Like me, I work with a lot of small businesses in South Florida on a monthly basis, blogging on a range of questions and helpful advice their companies have identified by their past customers. I work with my clients to tailor their subjects, message about their brand, and information that needs to get out about the products and services they offer. 

They Have The Good Stuff! Detailed Work.

A professional blogger and copywriter will have these in-depth discussions with their client about their business on a monthly and on-going basis. If a ghostwriter or blogger is going to be successful for you on behalf of your business, they need to be involved in your business to a certain degree. That's a given.

Ask The Blogger Your Going To Hire For Examples Of Their Work

One of my suggestions would be when hiring a blogger, like myself is, ask them for examples of their work. Better yet, ask them to write you an article about a typical subject in your industry as a test. This one tip alone will help you sort out if you like their writing style.And that's important. 

hiring in person

Hire A Blogger You Can Meet In Person

Now, I know, this isn't always possible sometimes. But with technology such as Google Hangouts, Facetime, Skype, and likes, meeting someone in person is now possible from anywhere in the world. Or at least face to face. Why is this important? Well, meeting someone face to face is and listening to your prospective hire can tell you a lot. I want to meet the person to see if they understand what I'm trying to accomplish online. Not always is that possible communicating by email or phone. Just my personal opinion! Take it for what it's worth. 

My Conclusion, Finale, and SEO Wrap Up For This Post

Ok, I started out this post summarizing the importance of why blogging is good for SEO.

The Finale

Truthfully, it's the only way to obtain good SEO for your website. Google and Search engines alike live on excellent content. It's why they invented in the first place. Every time you create a new piece of writing, video, whatever, Google combs through it and decides where it should be rank in there search for any given subject under the sun. The more content, the more chances for traffic, which in turn more chances for you to get the target visitors your looking for company. 

Blogging, It's A Wrap  

Ok, folks, that's all I have for the moment. I know I didn't blast you with a lot of facts and figures. But this post wasn't to bast in the stark reality, but more so to motivate you to make a change. Get you to realize good content can change your current situation in the search engine marketing game. As always, thanks for reading and I hope you make back to my blog sooner, rather than later!

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