Digital Marketing Agencies Florida: Review Scores

Today I decided to make a list of the Google and Facebook Reviews for Digital Marketing Agencies in Florida.
My research criteria was based on this:

  • 1
    Google Business Listings found with the search term: "Digital Marketing Agencies Florida".
  • 2
    Had at least one review.
  • 3
    Had a working website attached to listing.

I hope you enjoy the data and can appreciate the time involved collecting and charting.

Data was collected: Feb 11th, 2018

Collection Method: Manual 

How was Facebook data collected and assigned? 

Google listings found under the search term "digital marketing agencies florida" that had one review were cross referenced with Facebook. If the business didn't have a Facebook page, review option activated, or no reviews, a 0 review rating was applied. 

Digital Marketing Agencies Florida: Google and Facebook Reviews

wdt_ID Company Name City Google Review Rating Google Total # of Reviews Facebook Review Rating Facebook Total # of Reviews
1 TruDigital Marketing Palm Beach Gardens 5 3 0.0 0
2 Digital Resource West Palm Beach 5 61 5.0 115
3 SMDigital Partners Delray Beach 5 4 4.5 8
4 Amplification, Inc. Digital Marketing Agency Davie 5 2 4.8 14
5 DESIGN HOUSE Coral Gables 5 19 4.4 40
6 Rock Paper Simple Melbourne 5 10 5.0 22
7 Black Tie Digital Marketing Melbourne 5 5 5.0 6
8 Excelerate Digital Orlando Orlando 5 11 5.0 4
9 Chatter Buzz Media Orlando 5 18 0.0 0
10 Three21 Orlando 5 9 4.3 15
Company Name City Google Review Rating Google Total # of Reviews Facebook Review Rating Facebook Total # of Reviews

My Florida Digital Marketing Agency Wasn't List?

If your company wasn't listed, I apologize, but the data collected was on the search terms "Digital Marketing Agencies Florida."
Either your company listing isn't optimized for those search terms, or you didn't meet my criteria areas listed above.

My Thoughts on Online Business Reviews and Social Proof

My thoughts on Google Reviews, Facebook reviews, and all other forms of social proof is this; It's just one of many items you should check out before hiring any company or in this case a Florida Digital Marketing Agency.
Being a digital marketing professional myself, I think it's a big deal.
If we're the advertising professionals helping other businesses with their marketing, we need to practice what we preach.
Having zero social proof or reviews online as a digital marketing agency is terrible in my books.

Transparency and Accuracy

If you notice an error in my finding, please let me know, I love to hear feedback.
The purpose of the article was my curiosity.
I will also be following up this article using other terms people use to find digital marketing agencies in Florida, such as Internet Marketing agency, SEO Agency Florida, etc.