Do I Need A Website To Market My Business Online?

So today I'm going to answer this question I get asked off the cuff a lot. “Do I need a website to market my business online?” 

Online Presence Vs. Method

So to answer this question quickly, it would be a no. That's right, no. You don't need a website to market your business online. The reality is you could just use free publically available platforms to market your business online such as:

And the list goes on and on.

Being a practitioner of online marketing would always say your presence online is far more important than the method you use to market on the Internet.

My Reasoning For Using A Website To Market Online

For starters, I like having ultimate control. Yes, I'm a control freak! From the layout, colors, the feel, what I can say, pretty much everything. Unfortunately, you are restricted when you use free platforms. That's the kicker and trade-off. I'm not saying you can't work around some of the restrictions, but it makes it difficult at times. In addition to that, what happens when a social media platform shuts its doors or changes something? I mean I have to live with losing all my hard work, I don't think so! So that's why I use social media for networking, promotion, community engagement and not for everything.But those are my reasons. 


Internet Marketing Solutions Can Be Unorthodox!  photo by Gratisography

Solutions, Not Services.

A lot of Internet Marketing or Digital Marketing agencies, sell services, not solutions. I'm in the solutions business! Sure the best solution sometimes isn't the most profitable, but it's still the right one. If you're working with the right Internet Marketing service provider, SEO agency or Freelance Internet Marketer, they will lead you to the right set up for your business's online marketing and one that will reach your goals!


Again, is a website always necessary to market a business, product or service online, the conclusion is no. I hope you enjoyed this post and hopefully empowered you to take action, be creative, and no, one size does not fit all in Internet Marketing. Thanks again for stopping by and hope you will keep coming back for more!

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