MLM Killed The Bitcoin Sexyiness CryptoTechnology Feeling For Me!

Sure, some say MLM spiked the Bitcoin price, set the market ablaze!  But yet, those are same MLM'ers that always chant those types of regurgitated hyperbole statements about any industry they enter.

But before I begin my argument and point, let me start this post with a story. 

My Experience With the Cryptocurrency Called Bitcoin

I can remember when I first heard of cryptocurrencies (not through MLM channels, I'll assure you) and why I bought some.

Wish I could say I had the foresight and thought it would be worth 10's of thousands of dollars per Bitcoin one day.

But that wasn't the case. The fact is, I bought Bitcoin just like any other currency, to use it.I bought the coin because it was new, exciting, and it was nerdy (that's always important). And a currency I could use with other tech people in countries that couldn't or wouldn't accept Paypal.

Needing and using crypto only occurred when I wanted to purchase an Internet marketing software (i.e., WordPress plugin or theme), and the likes.That's my story no more, no less. 

So with that story told, let me begin my take on MLM, Cryptocurrency, and what's rubbing me the wrong way! 

Don't Invest In Bitcoin Packages, Just Buy Bitcoin!

Now I'm sure there will be a few network marketers and MLM'ers that will hate my post, oh they can cry me a river, I don't care. I find people that jump on risky MLM's opportunities just get caught in the hype (tribe or go-with-the crowd mentality).   Always jumping from opportunity to chance, falling to the drum beats and chanting the same damn things”This is the best thing since sliced bread.” “Get on board”, “It's a once in a lifetime opportunity”, yadda, yadda, and yadda.

Just stop (imagine hand straight out). 

If you believe Bitcoin or any of the other cryptos out there is an excellent opportunity, just buy some. Don't complicate the situation with a Mining package or investment package these MLM's are slinging right now.

MLM Cryptocurrency Crazy Much

Just the other day on my Facebook timeline was littered with Bitcoin this, cryptocurrency that (this post will be just one more, but different).

Almost every other post in my feed, LOL, nuts! I do need to drop some of these network marketers, but that's another story though.

Seriously, they're just yammering on and on about the Bitcoin and Ethereum prices.   And how it was going up up up, how much they made so far, jump on board, ad nauseam. These MLM people need to lay off the caffeinated beverages and chill a bit, Lol. And the funniest thing (on a side note) is, I was reading one of my Facebook friend's posts lecturing his followers not to chase new opportunities. But that's all he does (worse than my cat and a laser pointer)! 

< h4>What a hypocrite I must say.

Just six months ago he was slinging the mobile app market (and how it was going to explode), and now he's a Bitcoin investor and mining expert, give me a break! 

I know, I'm getting off the subject, me and my ranting.  But if you're reading this and considering one of these opportunities, for all things that are holy (sweet mother of Jesus), don't go crazy and do it! 

Keep reading, at least one more paragraph down. 

Practical Advice: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Oh My!

Yes, Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency here's my practical advice, and just like I mentioned above…if you want to invest in Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin just open a Free Coinbase account (you can get one here) and just buy some. Simple, right! 

The Real Opportunity of Cryptocurrency.

Truthfully, now the opportunity or real winning strategy, if you ask me when it comes to Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency is just using the currency. If you're trying to buy for a quick return, guess what, at this time, while writing this post, the price of Bitcoin is $16,500-17,000 per BTC, wowzers. To me, the days of really raking in enormous profits are over, unless you are willing to take a tremendous risk, at least with Bitcoin (BTC). Not me. My suggestion would be, buy some coin sit on it for a few days or week or two, then take advantage of the buying power.

That's where the real opportunity lies now.

Bitcoin MLM's Are The Same As Other MLM's 

If you want to make money in a cryptocurrency MLM is the same as any other MLM; you need to be good at recruiting. And if you're not, “no money you will make” said Yoda. (Yoda didn't say that in Starwars, I don't think 🙂 )The funny thing is, MLM'er like to conflate “the opportunity” with the benefits of their products or services they're marketing. In this case of Bitcoin MLMs, it's the “Investment Packages or Mining Packages.” What makes Bitcoin MLMs scary is, people are looking into Bitcoin as an investment or retirement avenue. Pouring money into a risky, did I say risky, I mean super dangerous business opportunity.I've even seen some these companies and marketers promising a rate of return. Yikes!

One of the companies I see being marketed on Facebook a lot is USI Tech.

And if you read their website, you will undoubtedly see them state they're not an investment company, but yet, a technology company.

If The Cryptocurrency Industry Wasn't Confusing Enough, Let's Add MLM To It!

Trust me folk I think the invention of the blockchain and cryptocurrency is up there with the design of the Internet itself.But by no means do I think MLM will bring a positive to this industry as a whole, more like scum it up a bit. Back in the beginning days of Bitcoin, the founder Satoshi Nakamoto allegedly begged Jullian Assange not to use the digital currency for WikiLeaks fundraising efforts, to protect bitcoin from government scrutiny during its early days.I guess that's what I'm doing with this post today with MLM companies. 

Conclusion and Plea

To end this post, I'll finish it like this. Please, please, MLMs, don't mess up the cryptocurrency industry.

Just go back to selling sweepers, juices, potions, lotions or whatever.   And stay out of this emerging digital currency market, it's for the best. This digital currency has a long way to go to evolve, mature, and stabilize.

And that's why I plea, because I truly believe this will be the currency of the future, give it a chance. The End. As always, I hope you enjoyed my perspective and please leave your view and opinions below, as they are valued here on my blog!

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