Don’t Be Fake News: Social Media 101 – Headline Marketing

Sure, it's tempting to over-embellish headlines when crafting articles or blog posts for Social Media. Who doesn't want high CTR and post engagement? Isn't it ok in the Headline Marketing playbook?

Or is that just more #FakeNews

Trick Me Once, But Not Twice: Headline Marketing

Nothing makes a reader, follower, or potential customer madder than if you miss lead them. In addition to that, what's the point? Yes, making creative and attractive titles is the goal in headline marketing techniques for social media, but deceiving people, let's leave that for the press.

Five Things You Should Consider Before Crafting A Juicy Headline

1.) The fiery the headline, the quicker you need to serve up the information. Yes, if you are playing the headline game and throwing out some pretty bold statements, get to your substance fast. People that click and get sucked in by headlines are looking for proof and a value proposition on the upfront. The public can be quick to hail you as a marketing genius, but the same goes when it comes to judging your content stinks (Fake News) and bouncing away.

2.) Have Your Proof Locked And Loaded.As touch on above, a lot of websites make the mistake of crafting their shock and awe headlines but fail to back up statements with data; you know, the proof! Playing the grabbing headline game is a double edge sword in online marketing. Yes, it's essential to attract new readers on Social Media and around the Internet. But here's the kicker. If you're going to grab someone with a title, just like in person, it better be significant, and most importantly you're able to back up the claims or make your case. So have your facts easily found in the content. And link out to third-party references. 3.) Is Your Headline Relevant Many times have I click through to a website from Facebook, just to find out the headline wasn't relevant to subject at all.Always be as honest and transparent. Outright lying about what an article is or is not won't help you in the Google search or with your readers.

As studies have shown 80% of readers, never read past the headline, so accuracy is crucial and the right thing to do!

4.) The Key Is In Your WordsYes, people love shoving what is know as Keywords in titles. And yes keywords are essential for both SEO, and it's also helpful for readers. With that in mind, if the keyword you use in the title gets lost in the messaging, it's counterproductive and won't help you from an SEO standpoint or with your potential customers either. Choose and use your keywords wisely.

5.) Does The Headline Provide Value?Short of a comical piece or political post. Is your juicy and shocking headline going to provide value to content and reader? If not, reconsider. I mean if you have an extraordinary opportunity, discount or event, by all means, let the headlines fly. But, if it's not, don't hyperinflate facts to boost a post. At a minimum, it's in poor taste, and it won't work.


To cap this blog post on headlines, I want to say this…It's ok to be creative and edgy, just remember to be honest, transparent, and helpful. Trust is something that takes a lot of time to build, seconds to destroy, and even longer to repair.

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