Best Front-End Page Builder Plugin For WordPress: Architect by Thrive Themes

In 2017 there are many options for Front-End designing page builders and SASS software platforms. But if your person that want to stick with one the best CMS platforms WordPress, then you need to check out the best Front-End Page builder plugins for WordPress as well and it's called Architect by Thrive Themes.

Thrive Themes: Architect Plugin

Just the other day I was speaking to a friend that was telling me about a software he was using called ClickFunnels. He was unaware I knew anything about this company and their platform.

As we discussed, I told him that although I think ClickFunnels is a decent sale funnel and landing page platform, the same landing pages, sales funnels, and a lead system can be built with WordPress and the Thrive Themes Architect plugin.

So today I decided to write (with my friend in mind) a comprehensive post on Architect by Thrive Themes and give you my honest review and opinion, I think you know mine by the title of this post!

Review Disclaimer

To start, this review I giving here today is solely in my experience using the plugin. Although I'm not a novice and a professional Internet Marketer and Web Developer, I can honestly say this plugin is easy to use and will work for any skill level working with WordPress.

Also, and before I get started, this review is not for affiliate purposes. None of the links on this page, if you click, will I get a commission. I purely wrote this article to help someone make a sound decision if this plugin is right for their online marketing and web development needs.

My Review of Thrive Themes: Architect

About a year ago I decided to give Thrive Themes a go. After hearing about the in's and outs from another professional, I network with; I chose to purchase their suite of plugins.

After a few months of working and testing out all the plugins, and working with the page builder known as Architect, must say, it's one of the best front-end page builders I've ever worked with on WordPress or any other platform.

But like any plugin or software, there are pros and cons.

So today I'm going to give you mine right from the beginning. 


  • 1
    Easy To Install, Activate, and Use.
  • 2
    Thrive Themes offer great tutorials on all the features.
  • 3
    The plugin provides a vast amount of different elements to utilize for page layout, functionality, design.
  • 4
    The plugin is flexible and allows for custom HTML, Javascript, and CSS (for professionals)
  • 5
    The plugin is continuously updated and improved.
  • 6
    Page layouts and elements are mobile responsive.
  • 7
    The Architect Plugin integrates with other WordPress plugins (no conflicts)
  • 8
    Able to save page layouts and Thrive Theme offers an excellent selection of pre-made landing pages.
  • 9
    The plugin works well any WordPress theme. I tested on 20 different WordPress themes with no problems.
  • 10
    And most important works as advertised and then some!


To be honest, I'm ultra picky, I love this plugin, so I hope you can appreciate.

  • 1
    If you're not good at visualizing page layouts, this plugin might be hard to use effectively. Still takes some planning to design functional landing layouts.
  • 2
    The Cost: Well, the price for Architect plugin could seem high for some people and could be considered a con. But I think it reasonable, but I thought it was worth mentioning.
  • 3
    Sometimes when saving pages if you wait too long you might lose your work. But this has been improving. In addition to that, the software warns you if you haven't saved your page in a while.
  • 4
    If you're using any page speed plugins, some don't jive well with the Architect plugin, but that's the only ones I found can affect this plugin.
  • 5
    The Facebook and Disqus comment API integration sometimes is buggy with this plugin. It's improved with last round of updates to the plugin, but worth noting.
  • 6
    Google Maps element with the plugin is just ok. I would suggest if you want to embed a Google map you only insert with using their custom HTML element instead.
  • 7
    Some of their features have limited customization you can make unless you know your way around HTML and CSS.
  • 8
    Some of Thrive Theme tutorials are hard to find on their website. But that's why I wrote this post; I have the links below to help.
  • 9
    The Social share and comment elements have few choices of design options.
  • 10
    Thrive has few pre-built animation features for page elements. A couple more would be lovely, but maybe they will be adding more in future updates to the plugin.

Overall Rating 

4.5 out of 5 Stars

Thrive Architect: Help Guide 

Now if you want to learn more about each element and feature before you buy this plugin, below is a helpful guide I put together. Each square is an element found in the Architect plugin. I have linked each one to "how to guides" found in Thrive Themes knowledge base.

I also created this section as an easy way to reference back to tutorials on each element. Hope it saves you some time!


Click Each Element To Learn More. 

paragraph text
image element
button element
column element
background section
content box
content template


more tag
click to tweet
content reveal
countdown element
evergreen timer
credit card element
custom html
custom menu
Disqus comments
divider element
facebook comments element
fill counter element
google map element
icon element
lead generation element
post grid
progress bar element
social share
star rating element
styled lists element
table element
table of contents
testimonial element
toggle element
video element
wordpress content element
numbered list element

All the featured elements listed above make it easy to make dynamic page layouts in WordPress by drag and drop front-end design.     

Other Thrive Theme Plugins Available

In the section below I decided to give a short description of all the other plugins Thrive Themes have developed and what they do.

The thing about Thrive Themes is, all their plugins integrate seamlessly together and it's worth checking them all out.

I would highly suggest going with their suite package of plugins vs. just buy one at a time. 

Plugin Descriptions

  • 1
    Thrive Apprentice - This plugin allows you to build out Udemy style lessons you can display on any given page you create on your WordPress install. Everything is laid out in a grid format and has many viewing options (i.e., content access related features) 
  • 2
    Thrive Quiz Builder - The Thrive Theme Quiz builder helps you design and build social style quizzes. The quiz plugin has many options for question formatting, as well as lead generation and sharing options as well.
  • 3
    Thrive Ovation - This plugin is Thrive Theme's testimonial plugin. What makes this WordPress Testimonial plugin unique is that the fact that you can collect testimonials as well have full control over the display and design of them as well.
  • 4
    Thrive Ultimatum - The Ultimatum plugin is a Scarcity Plugin with many features. From Count Down Timers for limited offers to tailoring offers for all types of visitors (readers, subscribers, past customers) to display options on your site.
  • 5
    Thrive Headline Optimizer - As most Internet Marketers know getting a headline right is key to higher click-through rates. And with Thrive's Headline Optimizer you can split test multiple headlines letting their software tell you which one converts better.
  • 6
    Thrive Clever Widgets - With the WordPress plugin Clever Widgets you can choose a page, post, category or tag a widget is displayed. This plugin is excellent for strategizing what content and advertising.
  • 7
    Thrive Comments - The last and newest plugin Thrive offers in their suite of plugins is Thrive Comments. This WordPress plugin adds more options and functionality to your WordPress comment section. From thumbs up to rating to possibilities to share.


I hope this post was informative and will be helpful in you making a sound decision about purchasing this Front-end page builder WordPress plugin.

My opinion is it's one of best out there available currently, and it's my go-to-tool for building effective landing pages and sales funnels.

Again, and as always, thank you for visiting my blog, and I hope you stop by again soon!